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Mobile knowledge worker and social observer.


I love coffee (caffeine?), people and music. When I’m working (writing, thinking), and especially when I’m working on something that’s challenging (like this intro), I like to be out in the world. There’s something great about feeling like you’re in the mix, surrounded by fellow workers and not knowing what the next song is going to be. So I’ve been a coffee place denizen for a long while.

And as I looked around me, I noticed that there were quite a lot of other people doing the same thing. The coffee place is the mobile office space for many. Funny thing… I recently heard a radio documentary about a previous financial crisis – in the 1690s. Click here to go to The coffee house, a new invention at that time, was the place where businessmen (as they were in those days) met to conduct business. Everything that’s old is new again, it seems; now the coffee house is where the Mobile Knowledge Worker can be found.

I live in LA. The thing about LA, however, is that it’s not like New York, where you can hit the streets and find something. You can’t just set off here, unless you have plenty of time to waste. It’s a cliché that is still true: this is indeed the Land of Sprawl. So this blog is for people like me, working by choice or chance in the Mobile Knowledge world, who want to know where to go.

And along the way, I may mix in thoughts as they percolate up. Ouch.


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